The band holds weekly practices on Thursdays as well as additional practices as needed for specific performances. We currently welcome local firefighters as well as the general public. Once a musician has demonstrated the proficiency necessary for performance and met a minimum attendance requirement, that individual will be recommended for performance membership to the band.

We also offer instruction to the public at all ability levels, with no prior music experience necessary. If you are interested in learning to play pipes or drums, please contact the pipe major or drum sergeant. A word to the wise: being a member of a pipe band requires a lot of time and dedication. It can be quite frustrating to learn an instrument, and bagpipes are particularly challenging for many people. It takes many hours of practice at home, and many more to attend regular practices and performances. We feel the effort is well worth it, and hope that you do, too!

For information on piping instruction:

Pipe Major Jessica Bryant

For information on drumming instruction:

Drum Sergeant Chad Matchell